Dangers of Online Dating Sites | Teen Dating Tips

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Hey guys My name is Shallon and I'm here to help you with all the questions you might have about love, lust, romance, and everything in between

For more, visit me on twitter @downtownshallon or be sure to check out my website shallononlinecom There's nothing creepy or sketchy about meeting somebody on an online dating site but that doesn't mean that there's no creepy and sketchy people on the online dating site Here's a few things to look out for, remember there's no limit to how much somebody can lie If a guy says he's 17, a lot of girls are like well he's you know may be 18 or 19

No, he could be 50 People lie and they lie big, also don't give out too much of your personal information A guy doesn't need your email, your address, your phone number, your Twitter handle, your Facebook page, real in the contact that someone can have You never know where something is going to lead and once you give someone that info it can't be taken back It's really important to listen to your gut and your instinct

If you get kind of a bad feeling about somebody or anything A respectable guy isn't going to get mad that you want to postpone the meeting or may be talk on the phone a little bit first or bring one of your friends along A real man understands that it's important for a woman to feel safe so don't be afraid to set limits and listen to your instincts because if you don't and you're just flattered that he's giving you attention , it might be the wrong kind of attention He might have van with a tiger airbrushed on the side of it Is that a chance you want to take? I don't think so

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