Dating Site For ‘Ugly’ People?

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we talked about dating websites that are exclusively for beautiful people well it turns out that there's also a web site that's exclusively for ungli people at all but the websites for beautiful people it's called beautiful people dot com how do you get on it you have to be accepted by the administrators how well i apply hang and not caring in exactly that had the sharing yet have a stick of my god totally what for we talked about that at mount carmel i would not know yeah like hell now you said now i would never try it entities with its responsibility has i think it was a stomach issues response with the site where no with stress and that and then also the steve objective and accept it as what was going to visit budget can't go to anecdotal beautiful people and injuring her for help but think again it left uh yeah i would try it out but that doesn't know i totally want to try it out just like what happens to go through the process of well this is no reflection on you know you seem like a lovely man right right unfortunately and not quite played enough terrible uh but you have to that website was established this new web site it's called idly by the ball and it is and a website for aesthetically challenged individual protest that's that's that's awesome sell the reason why this story comes up now is because the website is celebrating their first engagement about coupled that match because of their website at that coupley is tom clifford engineer walker we have a picture of them uh

three million dollars out there okcupid coming up in the country pompous fuck whenever i i would question both of the error they're talking but that's all right now anyway so they didn't you know about lebudde ball and the first letter that tom clifford roti ginny was this did you mean just seen your beautiful face on the other lebudde ball and would love to meet up you live near me something should be a problem uh i've got a face that mixture of a crack at that but they say the reason the either book all their and i think you'll love me too uh you know that i have the regional accents uh this is all about is another matter relatively they found these peoples are realty i mean those are real people how you get a trouble the company that i could be fake this could all be applied to promote the web sure sure sure estonia's by of killing his by the boat people to be the market mary delta every story that's in a british paper at opel no matter which paper does provide state development that didn't have because all the great outrageous stories it's always been hampshire dire you know he could just say that they're more willing to cover the ridiculous stories though there are many personally had a lot of you know and they had a lot of the new york post tabloid fare and that she had some great papers too like the story's not in the guardian i don't even know it was the telegraph a real paper i don't know somebody'll hopefully telegraph definitely covers all the likely wacky story yes see it and if that's not true direct not really that big a lovely couple so are you going to apply for this i believe but bob i don't think that except me to dashing

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