Is Internet Dating Destroying Love?

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is the internet dating destroying lab that's what at john walters from comedies free is asking okay he's claiming that area katie has destroyed relationships it has destroyed the unpredictability of relationships not human interaction that water you know week should experience in our lifetimes he's saying that because of online dating it's become like a business transaction you know you buy in internet at dating service you looks to profiles you see someone you like you ask them out bada bing bada boom you're married and that's it are one of my favorite part of the stories that we have a new way of describing humidor interaction human interaction okay opera excitement uh the look he says it's become a victim on it but they so what you want a car i wanna green one i wanted to be four doors i want to be like this you are a lot of these match dot com kind of things they said they wanted girl who believes this kind of politics has blonde hair and was around the court whether you'd be surprised actually works last topic anyway affect that uh finally reversed now i get what he's saying right and you don't want to be like are this is a kind of woman that i would like to have that kind of woman i am now dating her right and in that kind of a man i would never met my wife night we would have never you know take each other from up from a website right but it was a wonderful you know fortuitous where they live for some five thousand the having said that hamlet you know it makes me a little bit more efficient right and okay they don't like that then don't use it go on the world and distributed girls the grocery store nowadays due back today at the end i a day you're old school stuff but it uh

it makes a lot of sense in a you know what if this grows more likely to light now more like the darker why not do that i needed not only makes dating more efficient i think it makes it more fun because you know you're going to go on a date with someone who has similar interests is you know and then you have something to connect dot the worst thing is going on like a blind date which is needing some random person you know trying out my coffee or whatever and you have nothing to talk about in super awkward secretly i throw this your that part of this is the best et cetera and i were the ones that were disastrous of the blazes the blind is that they make any kind of sense or were just elected each other like really i think that they felt and i love those awkward moments they the only day did i ever went on there was a blinded it didn't work out was this woman who would be not stopped off project their crate and i was in the values over the weekend i might are usually everyday no matter how are preparing a because his father and i thought they were added every human interaction so that's fine historically the a piano that his visit theater as the crazies and one is the primary process i my hat's off for a living at a meeting he told you read and that's a complete life and it's a good idea but nonetheless thank you biko so bethea opera allah is sometimes people say you don't talk that much in real life pregnancies i just love prayers target what i don't like this people who don't miss your try to complete a thought any job invite sober in the middle of the like now like a year the tail and normal conversations that are but they don't give a damn what yours great amai five oh that's cool but then why are we have a conversation while you go toward yourself ellis island here in a remember which is talking about no i was almost as though it may have a sense at all tho also character thing i've ever read but um but the one who was word word using terrific when you know but all i remember one of the growing your so this is like so you're not a lawyer anymore might no no i'm trying to be a radio talk show host any chance you'll go back into law no no i don't think so okay but like you could be a lawyer if you want to do might yeah i got out but i don't want to it's interesting that you are still technically election can affect the photo but louisiana which is common for writing

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