Model Sues Dating Site For Over A Billion Dollars

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a model is suing Match dot com after she alleges bad 200 fake profiles were created using her image she is a Miami model by the name yuliana abuelos there she is right there's a pretty girl she is a pretty girl she's joining other unnamed people in a 15 billion dollars a class action settlement lousy or hurdle left hip is from her right shoulder but I couldn't do that at any point in my life ever like your body I will abide dog bob is the only person I know consort turn like that Bob can get her head like one-way Bob conformer right angle looks very impressive you just noticed what no one else has noticed at all about that picture as a right now her shoulder to hip ratio would I at what turns me on about women is the shoulder to hip ratio good notably so like that's why about the 1644 Group inc

's I so what's up with that it won't be so you know obviously she's a beautiful woman she's alleging that match dot com doesn't have any type of software that would detect fake profile and she alleges I don't know how she knows this information she could totally be making it up but she says that there are over 200 profiles using her image in a course they're fake profiles and she thinks that this is problematic because people can be using these for catfishing schemes now for those of you who don't know what that is usually it'll be a very very beautiful woman on the profile but in reality it some crazy dude in the background %uh utilizing the profile are used to it using online communication to scam someone out of some sum of money so she gave us was an example the guy by the name Bob I'll sur celui he was a 17-year-old who thought that he was talking to these beautiful woman she was asking for money and he borrowed money from family members and gather all the money had the savings account and sent it to her obviously he got scammed and his house went into foreclosure he was broke as a result and he committed suicide so she's saying that she doesn't want your image to be used in the schemes and that match stop Comp should be doing as much as possible to ensure that these profiles are being created and so she wants what like up seventy five thousand dollars something at 15 billion but I should know I should note that it is the class action lawsuit okay I yep well that makes a difference obviously most those damages the theoretically would be punitive damages right against bike but you to get if you button not if it's a class action suit on so we're initially because they've been a previous sued that do what alleging much in the same thing that thou that that that match had no obligation whatsoever a to monitor the stuff they have no obligation to like if they set up the site and people if people wanna live out their photo so be it that's not match his job to make sure that everybody in there profile telling the truth I I tend to side with natural that in well II its I don't agree with that so that lawsuit are you referring to was relatively recent it happen in 2011 and there were it was another class action lawsuit filed by Mac users they claim that many of the profiles on there were fake and that match should have definitely gone out of its way to make sure that those fake profiles were created now this lawsuit took place in Dallas and the dow's district court found that match dot com was not required to police these accounts right but I disagree I think that their are programs there is software out there that can be easily find people who have fraudulent accounts okay is it does that ruin the Nuggets everything about think about something like YouTube right you to have software they can hatch anyone who uploads anything that has copyrighted material okay think about that but so sophisticated so I don't find it hard to believe that there is software out there they can do the same thing I mean if you have to 100 profiles are using the exact same images then something is wrong there and and and her lawyer says that these phony accounts are easily preventable with the right software I don't you know I don't know that you're probably right they're coming back strong did you read their quote the real scam here is this %uh meritless lawsuit which is filled with outlandish conspiracy theories in clumsy fabrication zulu a factual or legal basis we're confident that our legal system is as adept as we are in detecting scammers and will dismiss this case in short order there did you know home so I don't know it's interesting case I mean I if the software me the software were easy to put in and didn't cost a true as a lotta money than you would imagine that would do it i mean it matches a vested interest in people believing that what they're seeing is what they're getting he will go on to match to be scanned it if they go on and feel like this game after game at risk and that script potentially crippling to match I would imagine that the marketplace would dictate that match would do everything they can to make things of that I absolutely agree with you especially considering that match is one of the web-sites that charges its users a fee every month there's so many I aP's right now that are free so many web sites that are free for dating and if match is gonna put itself in that category whether you expect people to pay for it that they should offer a superior product if there are all these fake profiles on there it's not a superior product so I don't think that they're handling the situation appropriately but that's just me but 15 billion too much yeah we'll see what happens about losses

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