Online Dating for College Students

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online dating in college students is it's have it turns out that it is more and more college students are trying out online dating but it turns out that most college students still look down on it because of the fact that when you're in college you have more opportunities to meet different people and you don't have to resort online dating is still something that style of as something that older people feel for the democratic or desperate okay it's not prophetic it's not desperate you and i have conflicting ideas on online dating i'm completely open to it i don't know how modern football you wanted to add a lot of people are inactivo are helping to it by saying in need to move on because where in a completely different time where people are just too busy college students are too busy some college students might not be as outgoing and might not want to go out the parties in bosnia people making money people online i think that's totally fine if they have the fed has their own megaphone food but then after this many times too salinity with someone component is is that over and let me aluminum boat for the job that is a somber you know yeah that's definitely worse then a meeting someone online that's would love to meet in the seems okay because it's all normal doesn't mention a way of meeting until around so if you can use a lot to dissolve into the world to someone you may have never run into everything is college students usually are not as opens online dating because the fact that allot of the dating services cost money to have to have a monthly subscription so match dot com inc you harm any cost about forty dollars a month i believe to join so college students if they'd you online dating they resort to something that is ok cupid and um you know other free websites that allow himself equal pianist which is the ashes i love you mentioned that that was the point that i was about to make okay if you pay is like stomping ground for pretty well excessive but it really has like everyone on ok cupid is expecting sects that are looking for a serious relationship which many not be a good thing for college students write because prices are looking for their husband or wife yellow red cross and think about it i mean army he was born the same like it's kind of like you didn't see is reading from the expands this amazing if there's not that he needed to go through defined order but other people and it off in part is not your proposals that is actually easier place to really need to do meet people and the sender that's only true and you know one thing that we haven't received any videos on yet and i'm actually very surprised is gaining in college i've known you guys have told us about your dating experiences in college so i really want someone to submitted via because i'm dying to hear about it he got up load up the young tex dot com creating username at password very easy and very quick to do and then upload a video of two minutes and thirty seconds or less okay we don't want to go over that at because it's just going to be too long and we can't use it but um we want to hear these stories what do you think about my dating what do you think about date clubs and bars or what is your experience been with dating audio has this man from stores u_s_ instead uses them in prison and general guidelines you know nam you'd be careful the uh

circle of friends interfere with and you could be completely innocent this from personal experience you've no idea who knows who and how close they are and then they started to mentor uh between the number six onto him the senate ambien cuz i wanna i wanted someone who is in storage for regenerative afford for from old stories remember that this dude as those fun there's there's no reason that there's no reason not to stay on campus unusual

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