Online Dating Lies Screened By Service

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this episode of the young turks is brought to you by gamefly goto gamefly dot com slash t y t for a free trial membership web sites are now offering background checks on people who participate in online dating websites okay privatize recipients you're against it on the s for some reason i'm not surprised expected you to be against it however if you wanna obtain a background check on someone isn't the easiest thing to do you don't necessarily need a web site to do it idon't know i'm not conspiratorial i don't think that the time the course of the date of some sort of cycle stalker law if a tailor anything but now i'm a guy it's easier for me red for one minute stopper right had and not necessarily against uh equipping people with as much information as possible before they meet these people in person especially when you know it's it's scary out there it's a scary world so if you want to do the background check i say go ahead and do it if you want to find out of a person is a felon if you wanna find out if this person uh is married you should not miss information before you meet up with that because people are gonna let you over the internet you're gonna think five yes talking to you on the uh

you know other and in all this out and it's like eighty nine-year-old uh i don't know but not all about uh so it looked at some time is already providing a service and only turns out the two percent of people the big screen present a problem movie which is a tiny percent this tiny you know it uh it in the things they look for spell and uh sexual crimes as some look for whether they're married or not now the white mine if they look for sexual crimes no of course i mean that's exactly the kind of protection that women want felon gets a little dicey because they needed in the judging the guy's life before you met met him i don't know what he's found four right budget once you get into anything fatherland amway maiden because all you know he lied to me turns out he is not two hundred pounds he was two hundred and and of that but they're not nineteen at the background check is in connection to your comments you wait and things like that like as you mentioned it's going to reveal whether or not there fell and went right out and said he was a lawyer but it turns out he's actually a plumber ok we'll get the brother chancellor them you know a bloody nose palmer magic and see what happened out of you-know-what now i i you swayed me says supporting my opinion even more opposite are not happy about that i have a down not because you know what if you are a plumber and you're lying to a woman in your telling her that your some attorney in your some big shot and she's not interested in you wish you finds out that you're really a plumber anyway why waste your time issue might be about i did think about it that way no we'll keep it worse than not enough augustana lighter and then she's going although i a lineup all the time i never get it back i think you're right no but then you would eliminate ninety percent of the commuted her goes but i i i i missed out on i wanted to me people online just missed the boat this time etc wendy and two thousand four and i was grandpa jake and i had was barely figuring out why is that is not stop commerce they all my god right and so i would love that they they then is that i prolly wanna line anyway 'cause was the point idea to meet me in the unified and it's not my rapt the selectors lesser talk show blazer or a yet at by the way that didn't work back in two thousand four hundred well yeah i did talk show buzz of serious seller really weren't said before howard stern causes like thousands of people who have subscribed to the hundred different stations but be support exactly ago to move uh

but i just that's not what i do right but i want to let guys be able i knew you had said that when i first open well then my codresceau opinion is against that i don't want to give outmanned and easier opportunity glaxo answered these background checks are gonna give these women detailed information about what their income and stuff like that it's just whether or not they're married whether or not there felons whether or not dot they participated in some sort of sex crime in the past i think that it is okay to let women know that prior to her meeting with that that you know it's and i guess i was with you he said i can you don't want to go only once the guy who was that the jobs that the was also without them as the one one nine animal who does a good one but you know what mattered retired army uniform a good day because now i think it may be uh website thats called keepin it real loud cup which by the is everything annually by that if your if that's what you want break if you want to other webster decisive don't check know kato those if you want to find and that websites like i'd say goodbye to get out of it the stuff inside and i okay or a ticket of a guy that doing analytic verse eighteen only receives and you got a pontiac grand am two thousand one but backer typically blessed with a graphic material back up think about it the backpack that's three flip-flops in one sort observed ko pegi record tank people don't know this about me but i mean underground gayatri anti-war i'd love to play video games will be you lower the sponsor gamefly doable gorgeous online video game rental service seven thousand idols new and classic also no late fees no due dates shipping is always ricotta gamefly dot com slash few mighty free travel impression

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