Using Online Dating Sites : Do You NEED A Picture to Date on the Internet?

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Hi, I'm Marilyn Anderson, I'm the author of the dating book "Never Kiss a Frog" I'm here today on behalf of expertvillage

com to talk about how to do effective internet dating Now there are some people who may want to do internet dating but who don't want to put a photo up What do they do? Well it's true If you don't put a photo up, you're definitely going to get less people contacting you But hey, it's inevitable

Some people are not comfortable putting a photo up or because of their professions they might not want to Maybe if you're a therapist, you don't want your patients to see that you're out there dating Or maybe if you have an ex, you don't want your ex boyfriend or your ex wife, to see that you're up on the site So, you have a screen name and you have your information but you don't put your photo up, it's okay However, you should be prepared to have a nice photo that when you contact someone, you can say hey I have a photo available if you want it

Or if they contact you, you're able to email a photo to them Most people are not going to want to meet somebody who won't put a photo up But it's okay some other time, have one ready to send if you will

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